Renteres Partners Enjoys the most advanced comments kit in the world

Business owners who combine the kit to their site will get statics and analysis graphs on their traffic and by doing so will bring growth to their community.
After installing the kit, we are available 24/7 for any problem, issue, enlightenment and improvement, which will help us making Renteres an integral part of your website and that’s all for free.

Below is a list of features that web owners will benefit from, after Installing the kit:


Mobile SDK

Integrate Renters in your iOS or Android app and enable your community to engage from everywhere

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Manage your community from every aspect

Fast and reliable admin dashboard. Configure auto, manual, and user moderation capabilities.

Manage word filters, blacklists and spam controls.


Analytics to understand your audience

Analyze the community you’ve built with our analytics. Recognize your top commenters, see what content inspires the most reactions, and more.


Real-time discussions

Fun discussion interactions: up-votes, down-votes, threaded replies,
Recommends, and more all happening in real time.